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As a forward-thinking design lead, passionate about automations, I work closely with design, development, and data science teams to create innovative tools that leverage the latest AI technologies. Making sure our customers love what we create and ensuring customer success are my top priorities!


In 2017, I was invited to join the core team at Sawa, a first-of-its-kind automated graphic design platform, to lead the mission of automating human design decisions. As an experienced full-stack designer with an algorithmic mindset and a passion for cutting edge technologies, I quickly realized this was my calling.

Following a successful debut at Techstars, Sawa was acquired by Mailchimp in 2019. We integrated our tech into the platform as “Creative Assistant”.

During my four-year journey at Mailchimp as a design automation lead, I made several significant contributions and gained invaluable experience. I am eager to bring all of my passion and expertise to my next project, especially in the area of new generative technologies!

Recent Projects

Creative Assistant

AI-powered design assistant on a major online marketing platform – Mailchimp. The Creative Assistant scans your website, collects brand assets, and instantly generates designs for any of your marketing channels. It is a collection of cross-integrated services & APIs.

As the design automation lead, I oversaw the development of the logic behind all the magic under the hood which enabled the automation of human design decisions.

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Smart Email Templates

A set of email layouts tailored for different marketing objectives in the user’s brand that can be instantly generated by Creative Assistant with a click of a button.

As the design lead and creator of the content generation and brand application logic, I took this concept to the next level by integrating GPT, reusable blocks, and smart image suggestion.


The world’s first AI design tool, acquired by Mailchimp in 2019 and soon after integrated and rebranded as Creative Assistant.

As the strategic designer on the core team, I was responsible for developing the tool's logic, creating templates, and handling all other design needs, including branding, marketing, front-end website development, UI/UX, design system, & user research.

I can help with


Carry innovative projects from research to working solutions


Participate in high-level, strategic decisions collaboratively with Product Managers and Engineers & Data Scientists


Design simple, clear, data-driven, human-centric experiences that anticipate customers’ needs and delight them


Create low and high fidelity designs and rapid prototypes that drive product discovery and innovation


Drive the product discovery process through research (quantitative and qualitative), ideation sessions, collaborative workshops and/or design sprints


Design simple, clear, data-driven, human-centric experiences that anticipate customers’ needs and delight them

Other projects

Brand Kit

Not only is this an area to store your brand assets, it also serves as the control panel for brand application rules that guide design and content engine outputs.

I was in charge of developing the logic for smart features such as brand personality, logo application rules, color combinations, color usage ratios, and color roles.

Webpage Scraper

Magpie is a service that scans any given URL and analyzes the page(s) to extract brand assets such as the logo, colors, fonts, text, and image content. This data is passed onto Creative Assistant which then generates a brand kit along with brand guidelines, used to create on-brand marketing campaign content.

As the originator of the brand scraping concept, I supported the development team in ensuring high-quality implementation of the initial vision.

Brand Personality

One of the most fascinating features of the brand kit is a fun exercise where we ask users to position brand personality sliders based on how they want their brand to be perceived. Adjusting the sliders populates a visual mood board with sample colors, designs, and images that align with the selected traits.

I was tasked with designing and developing the logic required to bring this idea to life within a very short timeframe.

Text Generation

A text generation service was implemented in the new email builder with the integration of GPT-3 (August 2022).


Design and prototyping; prompt engineering

Smart Tools

A suite of AI-powered tools outside of the Mailchimp platform was created to boost the activation rate of new Mailchimp users. The first set of tools included:
- background remover
- image resizer
- reviews marketing
- smart assets expander

My role as a thought leader was to support this effort from a design and user needs perspective.

Instant Resizing

Creative Assistant incorporates a smart resizing system built on two major parameters: size group and aspect ratio. There are different variables that impact the sizes of individual elements within a block such as the logo, heading, subheading, button, and the white space around these elements. To address this, we established a modular scale system that accounts for any size starting from a base number.

I developed the logic behind the instant resizing service and supported implementation.

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My skills: Passion, Responsibility, Fearlessness, Teamwork, Product Innovation, Resistance to the unknown, Quick leaner, Product Leadership, Product Design, Design Systems, Figma, MIRO, Webflow, Notion, Midjourney, GPT, Adobe Creative Cloud, Jira, JSON, CSS.
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